A simple chat server for maya's stream.
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  • Remove deprecated API
  • /api/register & /api/login now use JSON data
  • Changing user info now uses Enum (Name, Pin, or Pronouns)


  • Add basic support for different user roles & moderator commands
  • Any user names "admin" will be made into an Admin user
  • User pronouns are stored in message body now


  • Most actions should now fail on a NULL token
  • Cookie should now expire after a week
  • Use sled database instead of json file to store users
  • Now use GET /api/token/<name> to validate a users session token


  • /api/logout API to delete session token
  • Add basic support for different message types
  • Messages now use unix timestamps
  • Backend finds timestamp


  • When changing a username, it now deletes the previous user instead of creating a new one
  • Database functions should now use some error handling
  • Functions use db_read_user() instead of reading in the whole database


  • Serve frontend code
  • Set cookie for token
  • Basic messaging functionality
  • Return JSON for all http requests
  • License added (CNPLv6+)


  • Add todo and other info to README
  • Add chat core


  • Basic functionality added
  • Program is split into multiple files