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incantata is a rust library that generates random words according to a provided structure

use incantata::*;

fn main() {
    // structure of the language
    let s = Structure {
        // how many characters the onset is
        onset: 1,
        // allowed characters for the onset
        onset_dict: CONSONANTS.chars().collect(),

        // how many characters the nucleus is
        nucleus: 1,
        // allowed characters for the nucleus
        nucleus_dict: VOCALS
            .take(VOCALS.len() * 5)
            // .chain(VOCALS_ACCENTS.chars())

        // how many characters the coda is
        coda: 0,
        // allowed characters for the coda
        coda_dict: CONSONANTS.chars().collect(),

        // minimum length of a word
        min_len: 4,
        // the words will be generated to be around this length
        // due to the way incantata works (by combining valid syllables),
        // we can't actually make a word of a given length
        suggested_len: 15,

    // generate 10 words
    for _ in 0..10 {
        println!("{}", incantata(&s));