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Hermes is a native Linux Scuttlebutt client. It's written in Rust using the GTK4 toolkit. It's designed to be accessible, user friendly, easy to use, and modern.

Hermes is currently in the design phase, and no actual code has been written yet. If you want to help us develop it, please do! If you're looking to use it, check back later.

Hermes is completely free and open source, although under the copyleft CNPL license.

We have three main design goals: Beautiful, Friendly, and Lightweight.


Q: What is Hermes?

Hermes is a client to allow users to interact with the Scuttlebutt network. Some other clients are Manyverse, Oasis, and Patchbay.

Most of the clients right now are using web technologies, like JS, HTML/CSS, Electron, etc. We want to make a truly native application, using the GTK toolkit.

Q: What is Scuttlebutt?

Scuttlebutt (SSB for short) is a P2P, decentralized social network. There are no servers needed, data is passed directly between users, either over local networks, Bluetooth, or using pub servers/rooms.

It works like any other social network. You can follow people, like their posts, and share messages. It even supports end-to-end encrypted private messages!

All posts are stored locally, so you can read, like, and post, even when offline! Your data will be synced with the rest of the network the next time you go online.

You can go to the official site to learn more.

Q: How inclusive is it?

The Hermes client itself is created by a bunch of queer anarchists, and we plan on strictly implementing a code of conduct for anyone participating as well.

In terms of the SSB network itself, it's much better than most other P2P networks. At least from my network graph, it's mostly filled with accepting left leaning people.

Q: How private is it?

Your posts are synced with anyone connecting with you. Messages cannot be deleted (at the moment). This is a hard problem to properly fix however, since you'd have to trust that every single person with your post deletes the message. It's the same problem with centralized networks however, you can't fully trust that Twitter or Facebook will fully delete your data from their servers.

Q: Where is data stored?

Data is stored fully locally on your device.

We will probably store data in ~/.local/share/hermes or someplace similar, instead of using the ~/.ssb folder, as recommended by the Manyverse devs. The main reason for this is to prevent apps messing with each others data.

Config files will be stored in ~/.config/hermes.

Q: How is it funded?

Currently, we're all working on it for free. We plan on accepting donations through various means however. We will never accept VC funding or anything like that however. This will always be a community anti-capitalist project. We will also never accept investors, implement paywalls, ads, blockchain shit, or analytics.


  • Modern and full Scuttlebutt protocol features
  • Basic social functionality (posts, reactions, profiles, CWs, private messages, pictures, etc.)
  • Accessibility features, translations, etc.
  • Full markdown support
  • Lightweight & fast
  • Mobile support (e.g Pinephone)
  • User friendly and easy to use
  • Simple Tor & proxy configuration
  • Drafts and Bookmarks functionality
  • Well documented, easy to contribute too
  • Welcoming & accepting community
  • Back up your profile using Dark Crystal



Go to our Blog for updates!