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Static site generated using siru and hosted at

Setting Up

$ git clone ''
$ cd $ mkdir dist # or follow instructions in 'Deploying' $ cargo run
... $ # Built files are in dist/

You may want to cd dist && python -m http.server to get a local HTTP server.


Note: You don't need to do this unless you're the one deploying the site to the production environment.

$ # To set up, ensure that the 'dist' folder reflects the VPS
$ git clone '' dist
$ cargo run # Build the site
$ cd dist/
dist/ $ git add -A . && git commit -m "Deploying: $(date)"
dist/ $ git pull --rebase
dist/ $ git push
dist/ $ # Your changes should now be live at

If deploying this site, you may also want to examine the sample nginx-site.conf file.